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Title: Katydid, Katydidn't

Series: Star Trek AOS

Author: hora_tio

Rating: General


Beta: Hats off to caera1996 for having the kindness and patience to deal with the angst of a first time author. She was a real trooper for reading so many versions of what was always supposed to be the final version...She is responsible for all the best parts of this story, but in no way liable for any of its imperfections.

Summary: Len was finding the social drama that came with being in the sixth grade a bit challenging, to say the least.

Notes: Please be kind, this is the very first story that I have ever written. I'm new to the whole process and would appreciate any feedback that you could give me...

The ladies over at word wars convinced me that all things are possible and offered all the support and encouragement a girl could ask for.

PS: Bug appreciates all the times you kept her company and for offering your friendship...thank you!

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Hi everyone. First post I've ever made...finally took the training wheels off my bike. "Look I can ride with no hands!" All of you have made me feel so welcome and you have really helped me through some hard times. Just signing in and reading your posts and fics has really has been a wonderful experience. Thanks for all the helping hands and for letting me become part of your family.


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